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The VCORE Tour F 97 (310) updates the VCORE Tour 97 (310). Like its predecessor, this racquet blends the speed and precision of a modern player's racquet with the expanded sweetspot of the Isometric head shape. At 11.5 ounces and boasting a very manageable swingweight (318 RDC), this stick is ideal for rising intermediates who want explosive acceleration. It should also work well for advanced players who are willing to trade a little bit of stability and plow-through for speed. New to this update is a unique 16x21 string pattern. The extra cross string should give aggressive players more control (and confidence) when attacking the ball. Also new to this update is Aero Fin Technology, which features grooves in the racquet's upper hoop to minimize air resistance and boost swing speed. From the baseline spin comes easy thanks to how fast this racquet whips through contact. There's also more than enough control for ratcheting up the stroke speed and turning up the pace. For advanced players who require more stability and mass-based power, there is ample room for weight customization. At net the Tour F 97 never feels sluggish. Aggressive players will find more than enough maneuverability to react quickly and snap the ball away. Yonex has delivered a speedy racquet to intermediate and advanced players looking for a maneuverable all-court weapon.

ISO (Isometric Square Head Shape)

This exclusive Yonex innovation results in a sweet spot up to 48% larger than a traditional oval head shape. According to Yonex, it ensures more power and control with fewer off-center shots.

3D Vector Shaft

Deeper groover in the shaft to improve racquet stiffness and reduce twisting. The result is an increase in power and precision. Please Note: Yonex updated their V-Core Technology starting with the 2014 fall/Winter VCore line. The updates include grooves that extend all the way from the grip through the throat. Also, the Lower throat section was built up to add stability.

Micro Core

Reinforced areas at 10 and 2 o'clock provide greater stability, power and spin in the functional areas of the upper hoop where many advanced players make contact. Yonex adds carbon graphite and elastic particles to increase face stability and vibration dampening.

Aero Fin Technology

Yonex builds grooves into the upper hoop to decrease wind resistance by 14%. The result is faster head speed and easier access to pace and spin.

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Rāmja izmērs cm²625
Auklas nospriegojums (kg)20-27
Garums (cm)68.58

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